My family used to go to South Padre island we would sit on the beach with the sun shining like there was no tomorrow. We would swim in the mucky water and play volleyball. All those memories buried in the sand, deep under ground. Sand dollars, seaweed, and shells floating in my mind, the back of my head. Splashing my brother and building sandcastles, those memories sitting on the burning sand, waiting to be picked up or washed away with the crystal waves. The memories, those memories that floated away waiting for me to catch them with my net that’s too short to reach them.

Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful place to visit

“Wow that whale can jump high!” I said looking out to the misty ocean. Cabo San Lucas is very interesting. There so much to do and explore. When ever is go there, they’re always celebrity’s.

While I’m there we always go to different places and restaurants. And there is always something different to see like there is a new restaurant being built it’s called Baja Cantina and there is a new place to go to the Madonna Beach.

Not just the places and buildings are great but the people there are super nice because when ever I need something or I’m looking for something they help me find what I’m looking for. But you still have to be careful because once my shoes got stolen from my villi.

Just because places and people are different doesn’t mean they’re bad. I travel around the world a lot and there are nice and mean people around the world. It’s there way of living not ours.

My Favorite Mistake

“What happened to Tuxedo?” I say when I find the door open. I knew someone or something was missing because the air was empty of feeling and the sound of his annoying bell on his olive green collar was gone, snatched by the soundless air.
I started to look around my house and 30 minutes later we still can’t find him. The house started to fill with the insanity of panic. All the lazy cats were sleeping on the couch, snoring like a cannon. But Tuxedo is the only one left.
My mind froze and I froze I neither could move nor do anything at all. My body wouldn’t even dare to move, not even one muscle. And there right in front of me. I started to cry, crystal clear tears dripping down my rosy red cheek and I realized how much Tuxedo meant to me, he was my best friend as a beautiful black and white cat, his coat always gleamed in the sun and his belly looked if he was wearing a white tie and a pocket to the side the rest of his fur was black. I knew we should have been more carful.

And at that moment, I realize to never to leave something open, especially when you have seven pets. I know it is hard to see something die right in front of your raw eyes. But from this mistake, I learned to always check again if something is closed and to keep your eyes on something as sly as a cat. Now you know to be more careful, out there in the wonderous but dangerous world.

My White Christmas

My white Christmas began with an awakening and no one is awake…….not YET! I start walking up the cold stairs and knock on my brothers door. He awakes and I say “go awake mom and I’ll get dad” I walk down stairs and find that my dad is sitting on the couch and have a face that’s surprised. And mom, Michael, and Jacob walk down stairs I drag them to the Christmas tree and start to open my presents. I start to smile when I see a iPhone 5c that’s white. And then my moms side of the family comes but that’s a different story.

The Fire Attack

The flames that bear down
The un-natural height
Game maker-made

I hurdle over a burning log
My jacket catches on fire
I stomp out the flames
Until there’s nothing left
This is all I have

Peetas Response

I felt very surprised when my name was called out from a thousand of the slips of names.I started to cry when I had to say good bye to my family. The only reason I threw the bread at Catniss is because I knew she had no food and she was poor. I was very tired of eating on the train all though the food is very good. Getting a makeover over at the Capitol wasn’t very fun I hated my clothing. I felt special and honored to ride out on the chariot. It was fun all though Catnisses flames was very scary and I almost fell off the chariot.

That moment on the beach

My heart dropped when I saw the size of it. I knew it was the wave. I started to dog paddle to the wave and slowly I thought to my self Am I going to catch it or just fall in the water I knew it was time to start to stand up so horrified. My tremendous legs started to waddle and I saw a big dark soul in the water and I knew right away it was a fish a BIG fish. The big fish started to swim around me in a circle like sharks do. My mom was shouting so blaring I couldn’t concentrate I went back down on my stomach and gripped the surf board so hard it made horrifying marks on the board it looked like I was surfing on concrete. I got back on the surface and saw it was a dolphin wanting to play I went back out to surf but I fell in so I started to play cheerfully with the dolphin.

My response to my biography

How did Oprah Winfrey become famous?

Oprah has told the story many times. But she was a determined child and wanted to be successful. She developed the love for reading (smart things, not stupid love novels). Once she became educated, she had the confidence to make choices and live out her goals.

The rest where opportunities that came her way. Like starting her own local show and later syndicating her show from the advise of Roger Ebert. Her life-time partner is in finance and guided her well into wealth.